Welcome to Central Mountain Training Region


Central Mountain Training Foundation (CMTF) was created 6/14/04. The founding leaders come from seven counties (Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Pueblo, El Paso, Park and Teller) from the central mountain region of Colorado. CMTF has been a leader in seeking and obtaining funding to provide the highest quality training at the lowest possible cost not just for law enforcement professionals but for a wide variety of first responders.

In October, 2017 CMTF was disbanded and became what is now Central Mountain Training Region (CMTR).  The Pueblo Police Dept. officially became the Fiscal Agent for CMTR in October 2017.

The focus of the training efforts have not change from what CMTF believed in.  It’s been to develop trainers in a wide variety of areas that will support the CMTR mission to provide high quality training programs within the State of Colorado for years to come.  CMTR has been very focused on its mission of providing training and support to Colorado’s Law Enforcement Officers. CMTR has also been innovative in the approach to creating new training programs that have a practical, positive, long lasting effect on their professions and the people they serve.